Did This Father Capture An Image Of His Deceased Son As An Angel? (Full Story)

Did This Father Capture An Image Of His Deceased Son As An Angel? (Full Story) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Youtube/FOX 2 St. Louis

This is a story that is raising some hairs as we read it for its starts when the Lauder family lost their 20-year-old son in a tragic car accident. The son, Doug Lader was headed to watch a football game when his car was plowed into by a semi-truck and killed. This was clearly devastating to the family but a little while later it appeared something miraculous happened.

At the same football field where Lauder was headed on that fateful day, Brian Roth (the grandfather of a little league football team) snapped a picture of what he says is his grandson. When he looked at the picture it looked a quite a bit more than his beloved family member. It also showed up in golden form and seemed to be have a halo hovering over his head.


They allowed the photo to be turned over to the local news media and Lauder’s father has become convinced that figure is the angelic representation of their son. Lauder believes it’s just too much of a coincidence that this image would show up at the same place where his son was killed (who was going there to watch the same kind of sport portrayed in the photo). Like this was possibly a message sent by him.

“I believe that totally, 100 percent, that’s my son,” Lauder told local television station Fox 2 “We feel like this is the sign that we asked for, and it came through for us in a huge way. I think he was meant to get in that picture.”

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