God Doesn’t Want Me to Be Sad…Does He?

God Doesn’t Want Me to Be Sad…Does He? | I Love Being Christian Videos


During the difficult times we all inevitably face, it is easy to waver in our faith. A loved one falls ill, we lose a job, a home is destroyed…and we begin to question whether God cares what happens or how we feel. In the midst of it all, when we feel the most shaken by such events, we may even question whether God is aware of us at all…in those moments, it certainly can seem as though He has abandoned us.

The simple truth is, we live in an imperfect and broken world; disasters are just part of that world. How we respond to them is up to us. We can allow them to cause us to lose faith, and or we can use them to show our faith, to show the world that it is possible to have joy in even the darkest of times. If we turn to God during disasters, and trust that He will lead us through them, we find peace. If we turn away from Him in bitterness and anger, we find only misery.


Though the choice of how we respond to any situation is ours, God wants us to turn to Him. Only by turning to Him, praying for guidance, can we find peace and joy. These are some of the “fruits of the Spirit” referred to in the Bible. They are part of God, part of the Holy Spirit, and they become part of us when we accept the gift of salvation offered by Jesus. Therefore, joy is what God desires for our lives.

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