MIRACLE: God Saves Baby That Went Flying Out The Car Window (Caught On Camera)

MIRACLE: God Saves Baby That Went Flying Out The Car Window (Caught On Camera) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Sometimes when you see something so insane you just look at it in shock and wonder “how in the world did this person survive” … well this is clearly one of those situations.

It all happens when a car camera captures an SUV in front of it sliding out of control on a super icy road one winter evening. As the SUV looses its grip on the pavement the driver helplessly looks ahead to see three big simi-trucks charging right at them.


The people in the SUV at this point are completely helpless as they go sliding (and now facing in the opposite direction) going what looks like around 30+ miles per hour – they approach the first incoming simi-truck. This truck is super BIG and you can tell the truck driver sees whats going because he tries to avoid the collision by swerving over to the side. However, the road was so icy the back end of the SUV hits and smashes right into the big back wheel of the truck.

Now this is when it gets INSANE. The moment they both collide with one another you see this ball of white (a baby!) come flying out of a newly torn whole in the backside of the SUV. And when you think it couldn’t get any worst the baby lands right in the middle of the road in front of the next oncoming truck.

Somehow, by the grace of God the second oncoming truck barely misses crushing the baby in the streets making it safely past. With the third oncoming truck now watching what just happened it was FORTUNATELY able to slow down enough to stop. SHOCKED and in a panic, the parents of the baby come jolting out of the SUV to grab their child off the ground and pull her to safety. What a miracle?

Yea we can say this is just luck but seeing something this jaw dropping kinda makes a man wonder if a higher power had His hand in the safety of this child. The bible says in Psalm 36:7: “How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! And the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.”

It certainly appears this baby was surly protected and her parents blessed beyond measure to go home that night with their child wrapped warmly in their arms. It’s times like these we should give thanks for not only the safety God has knowingly provided for us but also for the safety God has given us that we haven’t seen.

Take a look now at the video below and WITNESS THIS all for yourself.

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