God Warms The Coldest Hearts (True Compassion)

God Warms The Coldest Hearts (True Compassion) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Sometimes all it takes is a smile from a stranger to start a ripple effect of kindness. One person shines some light on another and then the chain reaction begins. Kind hearted expressions always speak louder than words.

Jesus was the greatest example with his unwavering compassion for everybody. Its the number one character trait that made him the king of all kings. Even when he was beaten, hanging with blood dripping out on the cross He looked up to the Heavens and ask God to forgive them.


Even then Jesus had compassion for his prosecutors. The truth is if you want to achieve Inner Peace like Jesus did then you’ll want to be aware of how compassionate you are. Compassion doesn’t only make the person you’re being compassionate to feel better but you gain happiness worth more money than any bank holds.

The video below is about to show you the impact compassion has on people…

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