God’s Plans Are Faster Than You Think – Joel Osteen

God’s Plans Are Faster Than You Think – Joel Osteen | I Love Being Christian Videos

Joel Osteen delivers a great message of how we serve a supernatural God whose plans are faster than you think!

He talks about… 

  • What should have taken you a life-time to accomplish because you honor God he’s going to do it in a fraction of the time. Whether in your career or in your love life God can take what would take you 20 years to achieve and do it within a few seconds.
  • Standing in faith you are going to see opportunity like you’ve never seen before. In the natural it may look like it’s going to take you years to over come a problem but Gods got different plans for you.
  • You need to get ready, you’ve come into super natural blessings. Just because you’ve kept God first place he is blessing you faster. When you honor God and always keep him first place you will receive that promotion, lover or answer way faster than you think!

Watch the video below and hear the full message!

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