Hear This Prayer For Immediate Financial Help

Hear This Prayer For Immediate Financial Help | I Love Being Christian Videos

For those out there going through a tough financial time we’ve got a prayer for you. In the text below is a prayer for you but there’s another one in the video below.

Dear Lord almighty God who sits on the throne of heaven. I express thanks for the countless blessings of the past, big as well as small. Dear God, my efforts with capital are conveying me down. I discern You have all responses in view of the fact that You constantly listen to me. My savings are in disaster and are grounding me immense pain though I believe You are the resource of all my nourishment. Lord, I believe You are the God of love and You care for me. Please sanctify me so that money can fall as well as uphold me to a great extent. I believe You that you can provide when all seems hopeless, I plead that You take notice of my prayer and direct me towards Your endless wisdom. The issues of money bring me down at times but God, please send me of Your abundant blessings so that Your riches may flow into me, and uphold me through these trying times.


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