Heaven Visit: 5 Hours Beyond The Grave (Testimony)

Heaven Visit: 5 Hours Beyond The Grave (Testimony) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? As a believer, I know that I will be instantly transported from this earth to heaven, but what exactly that will look like, I don’t know. A video I recently watched told the real life story of John Paul, a man who died and saw the afterlife. It is worth watching in its entirety as it is astounding all he was able to experience.

He begins by explaining he died in an emergency room and was immediately outside his own body. He walked through the hospital and found his family in the waiting room where they were gathered mourning over him. He tried to comfort his wife and reached out to touch her but was unable to make physical contact. He moved one and exited the hospital and discovered that the houses that were previously all around the building were gone. In place of these homes was a green field and a golden boulevard. He walked along the boulevard and begin to see the gates of a majestic city.


He tried to move on towards the city but was refused entrance at the gate. Two angels were present and he asked them why he wasn’t allowed to go into the gates of heaven. They showed him the Book of Life, he looked for his name in the list of the redeemed and was unable to find it written there. He became fearful because he knew that meant he was destined for the place of torment.

Thankfully, John was given another chance. Jesus himself sent him back to earth with the commission of telling others that judgment was coming and to tell others about the beauty and reality of heaven. John said he was unable to adequately communicate all the beauty of the city of God as earthly words simply didn’t suffice. However, he knew he had been given a second chance. A chance to change his life for the better and ensure his name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Listen to this testimony for yourself in the video below!

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