Heavenly Song Sung by George Strait Reminds Us To Just Look

Heavenly Song Sung by George Strait Reminds Us To Just Look | I Love Being Christian Videos


George Strait has been providing inspirational and uplifting music to America for decades. His musical style and choice of lyrics remind us regularly of what is good and important in life. In the song “I Saw God Today”, he focuses on the joy of families, the sacred role of parenting, and the beauty of God’s hands in our everyday lives.

It’s a simple song, but a heartfelt one. The caveat of the song is that if we only take the time to look, we will see God and His glory in our lives.


“I Saw God Today” is George Strait’s 2008 single of the year award from CMA. When you think of how quickly social trends come and go, that might seem like a long time ago. But when you consider the age of the Holy Bible, then you realize that the words of this song may just transcend time. His words touch the human spirit. Truth is timeless and ready for us to accept it, if we just look for it.

God waits on us with everlasting love and patience! Sometimes he sends us someone like George Strait to sing us a reminder of how important the simple things are in life, and how we can focus our spirits on what’s truly important. Listen and feel your hearts strings tug.

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