Jesus Saved Me When My Boat Sunk In The Atlantic Ocean

Jesus Saved Me When My Boat Sunk In The Atlantic Ocean | I Love Being Christian Videos

On June 18th, Nigerian Fishermen Ajemina Mac-Jaja, Mr. Bobby, and their fellow fishermen were on a fishing trip in the Atlantic Ocean. They spent a laborious day setting out hooks on their boats. However, as the day went by, the weather grew worse and worse. It became darker, rainier, and windier, and soon the brave fishermen found themselves in the midst of a storm.

Ajemina Mac-Jaja was trying desperately to stay safe, but before he could act, a massive wave swept the ship, gulping it down into the ocean with a single sweep. Helpless, he was thrown in to the sea. However, what he did not know was that God was watching all of this unfold.


The canoe Mac-Jaja rode contained an anointing sticker and a small pouch of anointing water. He swam back to his canoe, now broken in half by the mighty waves. He quickly retrieved and opened them. He could feel God’s love and energy flowing into him, and gathered two of his friends, into a circle. Each holding the anointing sticker, they prayed. “We are not going to die tonight!”, Mr. Mac-Jaja told his friends. “Satan is a liar!”

Mac-Jaja screamed, “Shout Emmanuel! When I say Shout Emmanuel, you two say, God is with us!”
He continued encouraging his friends until nightfall. When day broke once again, Mac-Jaja had no idea where he was. All he could see was his boat, the endless sea, and the heavens. He was ready to give in, when he heard a voice from above. “Throw away your water and sticker, and swim to the rig“, it told him. Mac-Jaja wasn’t easily fooled, and told the voice that it was Satan. “Satan, you are a liar!”, he screamed back at it.

Mac-Jaja stayed afloat in the water. He grew increasingly worried. His family, his friends, his wife and daughter – what would they do without him? He prayed, hoping for the best.

Another voice spoke to him. “You will not die”. Mac-Jaja looked up, expecting a rescuer. There was nothing. He had heard the voice of God!

Looming in the distance, far, far away, was a massive cargo ship. The voice told him to turn to face the ship. As soon as he turned, he felt a force pushing him to the ship. Within 30 minutes, he was at the side of the ship, and found himself met by the crew. They threw him a life bouy, and he was pulled safely to the boat.

Crew members tended to Mac-Jaja soon after, and he was restored back to full health in no time. Ajemina Mac-Jaja, already a devout follower of Jesus, has further strengthened his relationship with Christ after his rescue, and invites you to do so too!

He hopes this story will inspire other followers of Christ, and even create new followers. God is good! He is always watching over his children, and will keep them protected from the wrath of Satan, even in the darkest of storms.

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