How To Pray For Kindness And Grace (POWER PRAYER)

How To Pray For Kindness And Grace (POWER PRAYER) | I Love Being Christian Videos


May God give you kindness and grace for those who step on your toes. May He give you holy and humble confidence in the presence of those who misunderstand you. May He give you love and forgiveness for those who hurt you and miss you completely. And may His love spill over you till you know that you’re everything to Him. Sleep well tonight. Walk confidently tomorrow.” -Susie Larson


This prayer touches many areas in our life. There’s always going to be circumstances and people that hurt or upset us. We must remember that we are human and we do the same things to other people at times. We all need kindness and grace; to be shown toward us, and for us to show towards others.

Some people are just going to be and it’s important to stay humble and confident in knowing who we are in the midst of being misunderstood. Did you know the quickest way to change someones bad attitude is changing the way you respond to them?

Next time someone’s getting all grumpy with you tell them “I know someone who loves you like crazy” … and watch them try to figure it out for a minute. Then tell them that you and Jesus loves them and wants them to be happy. Just show them through your words and actions that you care.

The key to knowing what to give to others is to give to them what you want given to you. If we want mercy and grace, we show it first. If we need love and compassion, be quick to give it. If we need a lot of forgiveness, we need to remember to easily and graciously give away likes it’s free!

As the line in the prayer says,And may His love spill over you till you know that you’re everything to Him.” May we know that in every situation, every circumstance, every “disappointment” that God is still in control and all this is for our greater good. We are absolutely everything to God Almighty.



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