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How We Got Our Bible | I Love Being Christian Videos

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As Christians, our go-to resource is the Bible. No matter the issue, be it a moral question or a desire for direction, the Holy Scripture is the place to look. Have you ever wondered though, exactly how we can know the Bible is trustworthy? In other words, how do we know the Bible we read today is the inspired word of God? This video published by “THE BEAT” looks at this important issue more in depth.


Key Thoughts From Video

Pastor Allen shares what he believes is the most important factor about the Bible we use today. He says, the church didn’t determine but rather discovered which books were inspired. In other words, they used a certain process to determine what books were God inspired and which were not. This leads us to the next point addressed in the video…

What Criteria Was Used to Authenticate a Book’s Divine Inspiration?

The religious leaders of that time got together and formed a council. The date was 397 A.D. and the council that was formed was called the Council of Carthage. It was during this council’s sessions that the 66 books of the Bible we currently recognize today were in fact divinely inspired. The specific criteria to qualify a book as divinely inspired had to address a couple of key issues. They are listed below:

  • What did Jesus say about this book? Did Jesus affirm the books in question? These of course would have been Old Testament books.
  • Was this book written by an apostle or someone very closely related to an apostle? The apostle’s were able to perform miracles through God’s power. In John 17:20, Jesus talks about his disciples/apostles and their ministry, “I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me through their message.”
  • more…Watch the video in its entirety to learn more about how our beloved Bible was authenticated.

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