“If I Was Jesus” a Playful Look at the Life of Jesus by Toby Keith

“If I Was Jesus” a Playful Look at the Life of Jesus by Toby Keith | I Love Being Christian Videos

Known as one of the most patriotic and giving county singers in the nation, Toby Keith is perhaps best recognized for his album Curtesy of the Red White and Blue and the songs featured therein. This album, written shortly after the infamous events of 9/11 as well as the unexpected death of his beloved father, moved Keith to write a patriotic ballad, which became featured song of the album. The song“Curtesy of the Red White and Blue” symbolized the way he was raised, honored his father and communicated to America how he felt about our rights to defend our nation.


Toby Keith Gives Back

It is well known that Keith has taken great efforts to perform for the troops overseas throughout the various conflicts and wars America has been apart of in the last decades. What might not be as well know about Keith, though, is his willingness to support various non-profit organizations. For example, He currently supports Ally’s House, which is a non-profit organization located in Oklahoma. The group was created to aid kids who are diagnosed with cancer. Keith said the following of the charity:

“This is a special charity to me. I saw firsthand how a child’s cancer diagnosis can devastate a family. Please join me in supporting these kids through Ally’s House. We’re going to make it better for the kids.”

Keith also lended his services to Little Kids Rock by filming a PSA for the organization. Little Kids Rock works to revitalize and restore music education in disadvantaged public schools, all over the nation.

That’s Not All, Keith Also Sings About Christ

As if the above wasn’t enough to convince you that Keith is a pretty great guy, he also recorded the song “If I Was Jesus.” The playful, upbeat song features Keith explaining what he might act like and look like if he was in fact the savior of the world, Jesus Christ. Enjoy it for yourself why watching below.

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