If Jesus Were Here How Would He Celebrate Christmas?

If Jesus Were Here How Would He Celebrate Christmas? | I Love Being Christian Videos

How would Jesus celebrate?

That is a loaded question? Picture this in your mind…


It’s Jesus’ birthday and we are fellow-shipping, eating, opening gifts, and celebrating His birthday as we do every year— except, He is here with us. Yes– Jesus is with us this year celebrating.

So where would we find Him? What business would He be about? Would He be concerned with His gifts compared to last year? Would he be running around trying to make it to every family members house in a short amount of time? Spending little or no time everywhere HE stopped??

Jesus doesn’t ever “half do” anything. Anywhere He would go, He would make people top priority and let them know they are loved and cared for. Especially the hurting people, especially the broken ones, the ones who need a little extra boost this year.

This is just a video to make us stop and realize that we really do need to “stop and smell the roses” so to speak. This year as we are with our families on CHRISTmas let’s truly enjoy them. Let’s savor every second! Let’s not rush through, just to get everything done so fast. Let’s make sure our family feels the love coming from us this holiday season. Gifts or no gifts. Sometimes the only present someone needs, is your loving presence.

After all that’s all Jesus asks for is our heart and our love. If He were here, how would He be celebrating His own birthday? It would be seeing to others. To Him, it’s ALWAYS been about others.

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