If You’re a Christian You BETTER WATCH THIS!!!

If You’re a Christian You BETTER WATCH THIS!!! | I Love Being Christian Videos

This video is an absolutely MUST SEE for all true Christians because it shows how angels and demons influence people in the spirit realm. Many people are not aware of what’s really going on in the spirit world but after watching this you’re going to gain new understanding and power to defend yourself from evil.

See God gave every person Free Will (also know as willpower) and doesn’t allow anything or anyone to control our Will. However, angels and demons do have the power to influence us to direct our will in a direction or action. Willpower by the way is: the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action.


This video’s gonna cover a testimony which reveals many things that will bring clarity to topics you may not fully understand. Every Christian deserves to be aware of this knowledge because YOU WILL become stronger after watching it. It’s about to all be broken down for you in just a second.

Go ahead and PRESS PLAY now and afterwards SHARE with us what you think!

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