Is Christianity Under Attack?

Is Christianity Under Attack? | I Love Being Christian Videos

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Luke 12:48, “…For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required; and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”

This verse explains that the more we have been given, the more is required of us. Is there any “people group” who have been given more than us as Christians? As Christians, we have been given unmerited, unwarranted and undeserved grace through Christ’s sacrifice. This means, we as Christians– above all other people– are expected to stand up and fight if need be. After all, Christian is under attack in this nation, so now is the time to act. Before delving in further to this issue, though, let’s explore what individual in addition to Christians as a whole is called to act.


Who Else is Much Expected Of?

The President of the United States, currently Donald Trump, is perhaps the person who has the single most expectations placed upon him. Donald Trump is a self-processed Christian and has shamelessly proclaimed Christianity overall to be under attack. This video published below is compilation of many of President Trump’s speeches that outline his personal faith as well as his plan to fight back against those who would love to see Christianity go away. His speeches serve as an example to us all on how to fight back against those who want to take Christianity out of the public sector.

America’s History

Religious liberty and freedom is the foundation of this very nation. Therefore, as Christians, we must continue to fight for our religious rights just as the founding fathers did generations ago. Trump is leading the charge into war, but every person is necessary to fight the Illuminati Dark Forces. Watch this video in its entirety to learn more about the battle over faith. The future of this great nation could hang in the balance.

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