IT’S HERE: Mark Of The Beast Technology Infects Swedish People

IT’S HERE: Mark Of The Beast Technology Infects Swedish People | I Love Being Christian Videos

Getty Images /Jonatan Fernstrom

Mark of the beast. What is it? Is it already here? Yes! Well, at least according to Alex Jones. This video outlines micro-chip implant technology and how it is infecting the Swedish people. Could this be the “mark of the beast” the Bible speaks of? Read on to find out…

What the Bible Says About The Mark of the Beast

In Revelation 13:17, the Bible says “..and no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name.”


What’s Going on in Sweden?

The video addresses new technology being employed in Sweden. It apparently implants a chip in the skin that residents will then use when getting on buses and/or trains. The technology was created by Near Field Communication and utilizes microchip technology. The government is encouraging people to take the chip by offering free or greatly reduced rides on public transportation. Also covered in this video is the civil unrest present in America and the corruptness of the CIA. It’s worth a watch in its entirety to get the scope of what Alex Jones is saying.

What The World Could Look Like With Micro Chip Technology

Several pertinent issues are covered in this timely video. However, let’s explore just one in greater depth, the idea of micro chip technology being the biblical “mark of the beast.” Imagine if you will a situation where you must have a chip in order to buy food. You must have a chip in order to pay your power bill, your water bill, etc. What would you do if this theory became a reality? In Sweden it has already somewhat started. One has to wonder how much further behind America is and what the modern day “mark of the beast” might look like in the United States. It’s a scary proposition for sure.

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