Jesus Commands A Thousand Fish To Jump Into Fish-Nets And They Did (Beautiful Miracle!)

Jesus Commands A Thousand Fish To Jump Into Fish-Nets And They Did (Beautiful Miracle!) | I Love Being Christian Videos

The amazing miracle of Jesus asking a thousand fish to rise to the surface (in a time when no boats were able to catch any fish) and jump into fish nets was the first miracle Jesus ever performed in the Bible.

It started when Jesus came to a town called Galilee looking for a man named Peter. His intention was to get Peter to go with Him to help Him change the world. Jesus sees Peter a few yards from the shore in a boat and asked Peter if he needed any help fishing. Peter distraught by the lack of fish he couldn’t catch he says he’s not looking for any help.


Peter obviously looked and felt hopeless so Jesus walked out in the water towards the boat and asked Peter to help Him get in the boat. Once in, Jesus asked him to go fishing but Peter reluctantly says there’s no fish out there. From the bottom of Jesus’s heart He ask Peter to give Him one hour and he’ll give him a whole new life.

Peter was skeptical but was listening to Jesus and decided to sailed into the river. Jesus placed his hand upon the water and through the grace of God fish swarm up to the surface and Peter’s nets became full of fish.

Peter cast his net into the water again and again and time after time his nets were filled with fish. “How did this happen?!” Peter asked Jesus. Jesus replies with “I’m give you the chance to change your life. Come with me and I’ll make you a fisher of men”. You’ve got to see the rest of this it’s so great!

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