“Jesus Hold my Hand” Performed by the Great George Jones

“Jesus Hold my Hand” Performed by the Great George Jones | I Love Being Christian Videos

If you grew up in a country church or even a congregation that enjoys good old hymns, you likely know the tune “Jesus Hold my Hand” by heart. The upbeat melody and catchy lyrics remind us all that Jesus is always there within arm’s reach if only we grab onto Him. “Jesus Hold My Hand” was written by Albert Edward Brumley, who also composed some other “Red Hymnal” favorites, including “He Set me Free,” “I’ll Meet You in The Morning,” “Turn Your Radio On,” and “I’ll Fly Away,” just to name a few. In total, Brumley composed some 800 songs, which led him to be inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of FameOklahoma Music Hall of Fame and the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.


The Featured Performance

Its difficult to select just one of Brumley’s amazing compositions to highlight. However, the following video is perhaps one of the best renditions you will ever hear of his pieces. The song features the great Georgia Jones performing the beloved “Jesus Hold my Hand.”George Jones, with his signature sound, brings to the life the lyrics written so long ago by Brumley. Listen to the upbeat rendition of the church favorite and be transported right back to a congregation illuminated by the sun streaming in through beautiful stained glass windows. If you try hard enough, you might even smell the polish used on the wooden pews to give them the ethereal glow they always seemed to keep. Sway to the beat and clap your hands because all believers can rejoice over the news that Jesus is there to hold our hands, through all of lives struggles. As the lyrics say:

As I travel through this pilgrim land

There is a friend who walks with me

Leads me safely through the sinking sand

It is the Christ of Calvary

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