Does Jesus Or Religion Produces Happiness?

Does Jesus Or Religion Produces Happiness? | I Love Being Christian Videos

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Jesus and religion. Are these two the same to you? If so, you likely aren’t as happy as you could be. In reality, loving Jesus and living His example, not your religion will most contribute to your happiness. This video below explores the difference between mere religion and a true relationship with Jesus.

Christianity Should be About The Here and Now

According to this video, true Christianity should be about the hear and now. Many think of it only in terms of the afterlife. While this aspect is most certainly important and vital even, you will be much happier overall if you incorporate your belief system into your daily life as well. This of course happens when you have a real relationship with Christ, not just a traditional set of beliefs that might have been passed down for generations in your family.


Following Jesus’ Example: The Only Way to True Happiness

This video shares that the only way to truly live a happy life is to follow the example of Jesus. Jesus, while living out a selfless love was able to create lasting and sweeping changes. He changed the world. However, He did it, by making Himself least. By being willing to heal, to minister, to even die for others who were unworthy of such love. He truly lived for others. He also gave hope to a hopeless people. To follow Jesus’ footsteps, we would reach out to not only the insiders but the outsiders and offer hope to all. This is a great way to create happiness in your life. This isn’t religion, it’s a life lived in active relationship with and following the example of the one true savior, Jesus Christ. The end result are adults who smile as much as children.

What The Bible Says

John 10:10 “…I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” To create this abundant happy life, seek a relationship not a religion!

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