Jesus Saves Faithful Man From Being Eating Alive By Lions (MUST SEE!) (VIDEO)

Jesus Saves Faithful Man From Being Eating Alive By Lions (MUST SEE!) (VIDEO) | I Love Being Christian Videos


This is was an epic time when the king favored a godly man named David and the kings wise men didn’t like it. Daniel prayed to God everyday and knowing this the wise men talked the king into passing a law that praying to God would be forbidden and anyone caught doing so had to be put to death. 

They knew that making this law they could set Daniel up and finally get him out of the kingdom. Of course Daniel didn’t stop praying so the wise men waited and spied on Daniel to pray again. When they finally caught him, they sentenced him and threw him into a lions den to be eaten alive.


When Daniel gets thrown in with the lions at first he was shaken with fear. Quickly realizing his fate he dropped down to his knees in pure faith and said… “save me oh God, by your name. Have mercy on me, according to your unfailing love.” In that moment the king wakes up from a dream and tells the guards to go get Daniel out of the den now! 

The guards come back to the den and to their surprise they see Daniel standing untouched in the middle of the lions as they circled him like he was protected. Daniel then walks straight out the den and the king looks at him and says… “your God is with you, your God is real, your God has saved you.” 

This is such a beautiful message of FAITH and something you’ve got to see for yourself! 

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