Just Bieber Encourages Fans to Turn to Jesus When Depressed: “God Has Not Given Us a Spirit of Fear”

Just Bieber Encourages Fans to Turn to Jesus When Depressed: “God Has Not Given Us a Spirit of Fear” | I Love Being Christian Videos

photo credit: Justin Bieber / Facebook

Justin Bieber, an ultra-successful pop artist with a vastly loyal fan base, recently opened up about his own struggles as a child of God with anxiety, depression and feelings of unworthiness. An Instagram post posted by the singer said in part, “Don’t stop fighting—the battle has already been won.”

What Happened?

The star has been pretty open with his followers about his personal relationship with Christ. Although he has renewed his commitment to his faith, he admits he still struggles mightily with depression as well of feelings of inadequacy. He even reached out to others for prayer, saying he was struggling with depression, he believes was brought on by his year’s of riotous living.


Understanding & Accepting God’s Forgiveness

After asking for prayers and support in coming to an understanding that God did in fact love him and forgive him of his past, Justin later posted that “Jesus has given me freedom and the pursuit of getting to know His character is never ending. God’s character never changes, He is the same yesterday, now and forever. He is always good…”

Our Only Hope is in Jesus

Justin went on to add, “there is hope and it’s in Him! He loves and cares for you!

Bieber, An Example to Others

The pop star serves as a good example to other believers in the spotlight. He frequently uses his platform as a beloved singer to share the gospel message. He has personally shared this saving message with over 100 million followers. His tenacity in the face of anxiety and depression as well as his willingness to open up to others about his faith is commendable. It’s a shame more of Hollywood’s elite don’t follow his example and use their vast influence Christ.

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