Loretta Lynn Touches Hearts With “Ten Thousand Angels”

Loretta Lynn Touches Hearts With “Ten Thousand Angels” | I Love Being Christian Videos


Loretta Lynn is one of those singers who, when she sings full-heartedly, makes you certain that angels were put on Earth. She is truly touched by the spirit of God and Christ and always does a great job with her gospel songs. One of her best songs is “Ten Thousand Angels,” a celebratory song released in 1965 on her album Who Says God Is Dead!

This album, a reaction against the infamous Time magazine cover, showed off Lynn’s dedication to God and was a celebration of the wonderful things He has done for us all. “Ten Thousand Angels” is an interesting song because its writer, Ray Overholt, wasn’t yet a Christian when he wrote it, but was so inspired by his song and others that he was touched by an angel and saved.


This song tells the story of Jesus’ persecution and of God’s acceptance of it as necessary to save the soul of humanity. The refrain says that “He could have called ten thousand angels to destroy the world and set (Jesus) free,” but reminds the listener that destruction wasn’t in His plan. Instead, He sent Jesus to die for our sins and to suffer for us.

Any Christian understands the importance of that beautiful message and Loretta Lynn delivers it with her usual aplomb and skill. This makes it a must own for any country or gospel music fan that appreciates a touch of Jesus in their daily listening schedule.

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