Man Calls Holy Spirit FAKE, Watch What Happens

Man Calls Holy Spirit FAKE, Watch What Happens | I Love Being Christian Videos

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Luke 4:12 says, “Jesus answered, ‘It is said: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’” One man did exactly that and was surprised when God spoke through him. This video posted by Ed Citronnelli Ministries features Prophet Ed Citronnelli confronting a doubter within his service.


What Happened?

One man came along with his mom to service, harboring a spirit of doubt in God’s ability to speak through Prophet Ed Citronnelli. However, the prophet revealed happenings in the man’s life. He told of a wreck the man was almost in, but his life was spared due to his mom’s prayers. He also revealed a girl in his life isn’t the person for him and then it was revealed that the relationship just ended. Watch this video in its entirety to see the whole exchange between the prophet and the man and his mom. Be prepared to be amazed!

Why It’s Important

God’s power is indescribable. According to this video, He can work through people and reveal things in others’ lives that are simply amazing. As believers, we should never doubt the ability to God to work in and through people here on earth. After all, just look at all the miraculous events that took place in the Bible, through Jesus’ disciples and other believers. It’s also important to understand that the Holy Spirit is very much alive and well on earth today working through believers.

In conclusion, no matter if you agree with the type of service this prophet was holding or not, we can all agree that we as human beings should not test, challenge or doubt the power of God. God is mighty, and His will will prevail in and through us here on earth.

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