Merle Haggard And The Carter Family Lift The Spirit With “I Saw The Light”

Merle Haggard And The Carter Family Lift The Spirit With “I Saw The Light” | I Love Being Christian Videos

We’ve discussed many of Merle Haggard’s greatest gospel songs in the past, but few are as memorable as his rendition of the classic “I Saw The Light,” written by country music’s premiere songwriter, Hank Williams Sr. Haggard released his version on his classic and inspirational gospel album The Land Of Many Churches in 1971, an album that has been acclaimed by country music fans and Christians around the nation as one of the best collections of gospel music ever released.


Even more incredibly, Merle sings it with The Carter Family, one of the earliest country music groups in the world. This group of inspired singers were gloriously praising His name for years, laying the foundation for country music and gospel groups to come. Anyone who enjoys gospel music and feeling the passion of Christ in their heart needs to hear Merle’s version.

The song itself is a poetic cry to the guiding power of God’s light in man’s life. Williams and Haggard both suffered from hard times in their lives, and their renderings of these simple, but hopeful and inspiring, lyrics have touched the hearts of generations of Christians.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of Merle’s gospel albums, but this album in particular is one of his most worthwhile. Give it a listen to experience the excitement of communicating with God and allowing him to soothe your heart and fears.

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