Merle Haggard Touches Our Hearts With Inspired Rendition Of “Guide Me, Lord”

Merle Haggard Touches Our Hearts With Inspired Rendition Of “Guide Me, Lord” | I Love Being Christian Videos

Merle Haggard was a country music legend that used music to beat a troubled life and to emerge in the Light of God’s Eternal Grace. His most famous songs, such as “Mama Tried” touch the heart and really make you think long and hard on the importance of family and togetherness. In 1971, Haggard celebrated the Glory of God by releasing the song “Guide Me, Oh Lord” on “The Land Of Many Churches,” his first of many beautiful gospel albums.


This song, written by Johnny Gimble, finds Haggard praising Jesus for the heavy price he paid to redeem our sins. The most POWERFUL part about this song is the way the poetic lyrics combine with Haggard’s heartfelt delivery. As a man who had spent time in prison and made his mistakes, Haggard had even more reason to celebrate the power of redemption and God’s eternal forgiveness.

Haggard had one of the cleanest, purest, and most emotionally charged voices in the music business, country music or otherwise. And his dedication to God was never clearer than it was in this wonderful moment of gospel music worship.

The power of music to celebrate God and to enhance our prayers is obvious and “Guide Me, Lord” is a must listen for any gospel music fan and for anyone that feels the joy and wonder of God in their every day life.

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