VIDEO: Miracle Rainbow Shines on Statue of Jesus & Mass Healings Happen

VIDEO: Miracle Rainbow Shines on Statue of Jesus & Mass Healings Happen | I Love Being Christian Videos

If one person sees something, it’s an anomaly — but if 10,000 people see the same thing and catch it on video? It might truly be a miracle.

This is what believers say happened on Mercy Sunday in the Philippines. In 2013, the ‘Dancing Sun Miracle’ was witnessed by thousands and appeared to be a light show manifested and controlled by the Almighty. Was this a true modern-day miracle, or mass hallucination? Believers argue this spectacle is a miracle for the ages, and caused healing across the land.

Sun Worship

Solar deities have been worshipped throughout the ages, from Ra the Sun God of ancient Egyptian mythology to celebrations of the unconquered sun during the Roman Empire that eventually morphed into winter solstice. The beauty and the mystery of the sun have captivated humans for generations, and while science attempts to explain the various phenomena such as sunspots, rainbows and other natural events, there is still an aura of mystery that surrounds these incidents.

History of the Divine Mercy Shrine

This massive Catholic monument overlooks Divine Mercy Hills in El Salvador, Philippines and was completed in 2008. It stands over 50 feet tall, where 200 steps are offered for devotees to visit the top of the shrine and depicts what appears to be rays of sunlight traveling from the hands of Jesus down to the ground.

While some people claim that miraculous healings have occurred during rainbows, the one healing that no one debates is that of the human heart as individuals view the stunning natural beauty of this man-made tribute to Christ.

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