Mother Hears Daughter’s Heart Beat One Last Time (TEAR-JERKER!)

Mother Hears Daughter’s Heart Beat One Last Time (TEAR-JERKER!) | I Love Being Christian Videos

This emotional story of heartbreak, love and compassion will make those with even the hardest of hearts soften and have a grown man shedding tears of joy.

This is a story of a young girl named Taylor. She lived with happiness and was a source of blessings not only to her family but also society. Taylor, a 13 year old girl who died in a tragic skiing accident on March 15 2010.


When her parents were told that Taylor would not survive, they made a prayerful choice, a choice that will remain in historical books forever. They agreed with their daughter’s wish to share the gift of life through donating her organs to people who desperately needed them.

Although the decision was a painful one, the Storch family continues to receive blessings through the gift of life that their daughter agreed to give. The organs were shared by different people in need: She was able to share both of her kidneys, pancreas, corneas, liver and most importantly her heart.

She donated her heart to a mother of two in Arizona.

Although her life was short on earth, her spirit lives on. A foundation was created to honor Taylor’s gift of life to others. It is known as Taylor’s Gift Foundation. You’ve got to see this amazing story below…

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