Mother Teresa Takes Bold Stand Against Abortion

Mother Teresa Takes Bold Stand Against Abortion | I Love Being Christian Videos

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Mother Teresa, a Roman Catholic nun, who was known for her immense generosity, otherworldly wisdom and gentle kindness, once spoke out quiet powerfully on the issue of abortion. Though the precious lady, who passed on to be with the Lord in 1997, was very forthright when it came to defending the lives of the unborn.

What Did Mother Teresa Say?

In this video published by AP Archive, you can hear Mother Teresa explain in her own words why abortion is wrong. She gave this speech at the opening of a home for infant children located in Washington, DC. The home would be run by Missionaries of Charities. During the inaugural ceremony, Mother Teresa didn’t mince words, she said the following, in part, about abortion:


That is why abortion has created a great evil. In killing the child, in aborting the child, we really…if we remember that we are doing it to Jesus… Jesus said ‘whatever you do to others, you do to me.’

What The Bible Says About The Issue

These true words spoken by Mother Teresa come from Matthew 25:40, which says, “The King will reply ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sister of mine, you did for me.”

What This Means For Today’s Believers

If Mother Teresa, who was known for her compassion and gentle ways, could boldly proclaim abortion to be a great sin, why can’t we? She is a outstanding example of the stand we all should take when it comes to the issue of abortion. Yes, there is room for compassion when dealing with hurting women, but it’s also necessary to label sin, sin.

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