MS-13 Street Gangs Shaken by the Holy Spirit in Prison

MS-13 Street Gangs Shaken by the Holy Spirit in Prison | I Love Being Christian Videos

photo credit: Youtube / Torch of Christ Ministries

The Bible speaks in many places about those in prison. In many cases, people were imprisoned simply for believing in Christ. The prisoners within this video, published by the Torch of Christ Ministries, were arrested for gang related activity. As part of MS-13 and 18th El Salvadorian street gangs, the group on this video are hardened criminals, which made what happened that much more unbelievable.


What Happened During the Video?

The group of former gang members were gathered together to hear a message about God. These men had all seen more than their fair share of suffering misery and death. Most of them have done terrible, unthinkable things in their lives. They might have believed there was never a way for any forgiveness to enter their lives. After all, just consider all they had done. However, God is a miracle working, forgiving God, and He moved during the message. The end result was many of these hardened men being filled miraculously by God’s forgiveness. Many of them accepted Christ for the first time in their lives.

Other Miracles, Beside Salvation Took Place

In addition to salvation, the ministers also prayed for healing within the prison service. One man who was diagnosed with an incurable disease was one to give his life to Christ. The ministers prayed over him for him to be delivered from the disease as well.

How We Should Think Towards Prisoners

The Bible says we should care all souls, even those in prison. In Hebrews 13:3, it states, “Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” This verse is a good reminder to all believers on the importance of ministering to everyone, even those in prison.

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