Muslim Woman Gives Jesus An Ultimatum, Then This Glorious Thing Happens

Muslim Woman Gives Jesus An Ultimatum, Then This Glorious Thing Happens | I Love Being Christian Videos

photo credit: Getty Images / Yasser Chalid

As a Muslim, Iranian woman, Padina has become desperate. This desperation leads her to consider suicide. Her deep depression seemed deemed to draw her further and further from this life. After sharing her suicide plans, Padina’s terminally ill mother asked her to take her life as well if she was so intent on suicide. However, before taking her mother’s life and then committing suicide, she was challenged to give Jesus a chance to change her life first. Padina reluctantly agreed to wait to commit suicide for a week. At which time, she would commit suicide as a testament to Allah. Never did she think that Jesus might actually do something miraculous in her life with the ultimatum she gave Him but that’s just what happened.


The Miraculous Result

According to this video below, Padina’s mom received a miraculous healing, amazing doctors. Where before she was on death’s door, her tests were clear and her body restored. The Arabic doctor who discovered the miraculous event claimed that Padina’s mother must have been healed by an Imam. Pedina knew better, though. She recognized the miracle was from Jesus and that He had met her challenge head on in a way she never would have imagined. When she heard of her mom’s healing, it was then that her heart changed toward Jesus and she realized what she had been missing all along. Jesus wasn’t like Allah, a distant, conditional god. He was loving savior who cared about every aspect of a person’s life.

What the Bible Says About Jesus’ Love for the World

In John 3:16, the Bible says, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” What an amazingly, loving savior!

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