Nine Minutes in Heaven – Crystal McVea’s (Heaven Testimony)

Nine Minutes in Heaven – Crystal McVea’s (Heaven Testimony) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Get ready to drop to your knees! This story is going to have you grabbing for a Kleenex…

Crystal McVea was at the hospital undergoing a routine procedure after having kids when things went terribly wrong. Some complications came up and she ended up with a burning 110 degree fever.


Her mom was in the room witnessing this when she noticed her daughter wasn’t breathing! Her mom started screaming for doctors and as they came running in for the next 9 minutes they tried to revive her.

While the team of doctors worked hard to revive her she experienced a great awareness. She said she knew she had just died and she remembers a bright light that came to her that bathed her with love. She knew it was God.

In the presence of God Crystal wondered why He didn’t love her or why He let bad things happen to her but all she could do was fall to her knees raising her hands asking “Why couldn’t I do more for you“.

Before we reveal to much take a look at the full-story below- it’s a beautiful testimony!

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