One Of The Best Movies Of Jesus Ever (MUST SEE!)

One Of The Best Movies Of Jesus Ever (MUST SEE!) | I Love Being Christian Videos

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If you’re a Christian I’m sure you’ve seen many movies and videos of Jesus. But there’s something very special about this one and it shines a whole new unique light on the life of messenger of God.

This movie was released in 2003, produced my Garth Drabinsky and is starring Henry Ian Cusick. It’s an epic film that is jam packed with three full hours about the Gospel of John. It’s an incredible story of how Jesus saved so many people through his teachings, miracles and examples of what it means to love thy neighbor.


If you haven’t seen this movie before you deserve to!

There’s not another story in the world that matches the story of our Savior. He came here undoubtedly sent from the Heavens and if you watch this you’ll realize why. Check it out now because it’s completely free to watch and they did such a great job recreating what actually happened.

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