Overcoming Insecurity – Joyce Meyer

Overcoming Insecurity – Joyce Meyer | I Love Being Christian Videos

Joyce Meyer has been a true inspiration for me in life and I know this message will help you overcome insecurity. God wants us to be confident and not insecure.

God wants us to be bold and to know who we are in him.


Phillipians 3:3 says “We are to have all of your confidence in Christ and no confidence it the flesh.”

We have to be bold enough to stand up the devil himself. You don’t have to live in fear. You don’t have to be overly insecure about what people think about you. People are going to think something about somebody.

So you might as well say: I’m going to make myself happy!

I’m not going to be bothered by what you think about me. God understands. He knows that you have weaknesses but he loves you anyways. You are not where you need to be but thank God you’re not where you used to be.

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