Passion of The Christ – The Most Heart-Wrenching Scene

Passion of The Christ – The Most Heart-Wrenching Scene | I Love Being Christian Videos

The Passion of the Christ. The 2004 biblical drama, directed by Mel Gibson, depicts a real look at the life of Jesus according to the Gospels. The scenes are all moving; however, perhaps the most heart wrenching was the one where Mary the mother of Jesus witnessed Him falling while bearing the weight of His cross on His was to be crucified. You can view the powerful scene in this video below.

Why It’s so Moving

The likely reason behind the emotional whirlwind this scene causes is the fact that it makes Mary’s situation utterly human and relatable. This, of course, causes it to be an absolutely heartbreaking scene. In the scene, Jesus is being mocked as He makes his way through the city streets, literally bearing His cross. He has been beaten already, close to the point of death.


However, He remained committed to the task at hand that being to get to the crucifixion location where He would willingly lay down His life for all of us. As He is making His way there, bearing the substantial weight of the cross, He stumbles and falls. Mary sees Him fall and is instantly in her mind is taken back to when Jesus was a little boy.

You see Mary visualize Jesus as a mere child stumble and fall. She rushes to Him, seeking to help Him recover. She plays the typical role of a mother, comforting His hurts. The scene then shifts to Mary as she sees a grown Jesus stumble and she again seeks to help Him get up. She wants to rescue Him, to make it better, but this time she can’t. The scene humanizes Mary’s role and puts us all in her shoes as she witnesses her precious Son die a horribly violent death.

What The Bible Says About This Incident

The Passion of the Christ dramatizes this scene and does take a bit of a theatrical license. The Bible doesn’t allow us a look at the situation from Mary’s point-of-view. However, the Bible does depict a person carrying Jesus’ cross for Him, which makes the scenario of Him falling under its burden feasible. Matthew 27:32 “As they were going out, they met a man from Cyrene, named Simon, and they forced him to carry the cross.”


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