One Mans Trip to Heaven (Full Testimony)

One Mans Trip to Heaven (Full Testimony) | I Love Being Christian Videos

While the survivors of near-death experiences often share stories of the afterlife, rarely are they as detailed and rich as the revelation shared by Pastor Keith Moore. His compelling memories have caused even the most hardened of hearts to soften.

Trauma or Revelation?

Stories such as those told by Pastor Moore, about individuals or family members who passed through the gauze between worlds and returned to tell the tale, are not unusual and medical professionals note that they are likely caused by the mental or physical symptoms of trauma. However, Pastor Moore’s highly detailed incursion into the afterlife included a trip on a Terminator-like motorcycle made out of liquid chrome through a bustling space that resembled a modern-day shopping mall. These details are not the standard story that you would expect with clouds, angels and harps — this is a whole new vision of heaven that is far beyond current thoughts and expectations.

An Encouraging Vision

Whether or not Pastor Keith Moore truly visited his earthly father in a heavenly realm, he came back with a sure knowledge and renewed dedication to his teachings that allowed him to make a difference in the lives of thousands of individuals here on Earth. Far from being saddened by the experience, Pastor Moore noted that his faith was refreshed by having the opportunity to interact with others who were touched by his ministry both now and in the future.

While there are some skeptics about Pastor Moore’s purported time in the afterlife, there can be no doubt that he continued to touch lives with his warm and wonderful story of faith and hope throughout his career — and isn’t that what Christianity is all about?

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