Powerful 1959 Movie Scene of Jesus Christ (Our Living Water: Ben-Hur Movie)

Powerful 1959 Movie Scene of Jesus Christ (Our Living Water: Ben-Hur Movie) | I Love Being Christian Videos

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John 4:13,14 “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of living water welling up to eternal life.”

Jesus The Water of Life

In the Bible, this situation explained in John is one of profound meaning and symbolism. In the movie Ben-Hur, the scene, though not exactly found in the Bible, is equally powerful. In the scene, Ben-Hur is refused water by the guards. He is obviously in very much need of liquid nourishment, even stooping so low as to lap the water off a soldier’s chest in a desperate attempt to get even a drop of water. Suddenly, along comes a man who kneels down before Ben-Hur, giving him a refreshing scoop of cool, clean water. As Ben-Hur rises and looks up at the man who so thoughtfully saw to his need, the audience understands that the man is none other than Jesus. Jesus, the son of the living God, is the man who stooped to fulfill Ben-Hur’s real physical need.


How Jesus Fulfills Our Spiritual Need

Although a man playing Jesus fulfills the man’s physical need in Ben-Hur, He fulfills the spiritual need of all Christians by offering them living water. This living water is the forgiveness we all can have through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and subsequent resurrection. In much the same way as physical water soothes our thirst and gives us refreshment, Jesus will soothe our hurting soul through much-needed refreshment. This is the way in which Jesus is our living water day in and day out. Watch this interesting scene from Ben-Hurr published by “kevinrspBelieves” in this video below paints a picture of Jesus as living water.

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