Preacher Brings A Deceased Man Back To Life

Preacher Brings A Deceased Man Back To Life | I Love Being Christian Videos

YouTube / LiveLeak

Recently, a Biblical like miracle took place when a South African preacher brought a deceased man back to life. You can see the video of the event for yourself at LiveLeak. During the video, you see the preacher approach a coffin where a man lies, lifeless. He prays over the man, with mourners looking on all around. Then, something amazing happens…

YouTube / LiveLeak

What Happened to the Dead Man?

The video shows the formerly deceased man begin to move as life once again reenters his body. He slowly sits up and eventually gets out of the coffin altogether and moves through the crowd. After the resurrection, you can hear shouts of praise going up to Jesus. Of course, this is the primary purpose of all miracles great and small, modern or Biblical, to bring glory and honor to Jesus.

Biblical Examples of Similar Events

Resurrections are mentioned several times in the Bible, and one such instance outlined in Acts 9:36-42 seems very similar to the story featured in the video. In this passage, a beloved woman named Tabitha dies. Peter is sent for, and he kneels down and prays over her body and says, “Tabitha, get up,” She did and was amazingly resurrected. It was a miraculous event that caused everyone around to praise God and want to know more about Jesus. The passage says, “many people believed in Jesus because of it.”

The Point of Miracles

Though the miracles themselves are wonderful, we must always remember that they are intended to point people to Christ. That is the purpose, to glorify, honor and bring focus to Christ as mentioned above. Enjoy this modern day video of a Biblical like event.

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