Pro-Life Group Pays Women $3,000 To Not Get Abortions

Pro-Life Group Pays Women $3,000 To Not Get Abortions | I Love Being Christian Videos

EWTN / YouTube screenshot

Most believers’ are against abortions as a general rule. However, there is the issue of how to help pregnant women with no means of support get through a pregnancy and then take care of an infant to consider. After all, many abortions were substantiated because the mom to be simply had nowhere to turn for help. Thankfully, there are pro-life groups who are putting their money where their heart is and supporting women in compromising situations, so they will not go down the path of abortion.


Pro-Life Group Paying Women to “Not Get” Abortions

According to this video published by EWTN, featured on Pro-Life Weekly, a pro-life group is actually paying women $3,000 to not havean abortion. One mom, who was helped by the group, Jasmine Stancil explains how thankful she is that she did not go through with her decision to abort her beautiful son. Linda Marshal told her and her husband about the group Save Unborn Life. This group personally stepped into Jasmine’s life and helped her choose life for her son by providing much-needed financial help.

What Save Unborn Life Does?

This pro-life organization steps into the life of women who are thinking of abortions and offers them a financial way to support their baby after its born. In many cases, this prevents women from going through with their abortion. The group typically partners with pregnancy centers, who pair them up with women who are naming financial reasons as their motivation for wanting an abortion. Watch the video in it’s entirely to learn more about this impactful organization.

Being God’s Hands And Feet in a Hurting Society

In Galatians 6:2, the Bible states,Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” This is exactly what this group and others like it are doing. They are bearing the burdens of others, and being the hands and feet of Christ in a hurting world.

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