Real Angels – History Of Bible Angels (Mind Blowing Documentary)

Real Angels – History Of Bible Angels (Mind Blowing Documentary) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Photo Credit: YouTuber "Doomsday Prophecy"

Angels of the Early Church:

In Revelation the Lord instructed Angels to record his dictation. These scribe type Angels were called instructing Angels. There were seven in all. One for each of the seven churches.

Angels with Names:

Only upon occasion are Angels given names. Michael of course the great prince who stands for children. Gabriel the great messenger who delivered such messages as Mary being with child and the birth of John the Baptist. For a complete reference on Angels see your bible concordance.


Angels are classified in tiers or levels of hierarchy. Much of this depends upon their jobs. We think of Angels as an unknown but always around watching over us. Angels exist for those of us who believe in them.

There are (9) orders or choirs of Angels. Serifin cherubim Thrones Virtues Dominions powers archangels principalities and Angels.

We see them everywhere they are all around us. Thought the ages they have been guardians and messengers. They are the most precious decorations at Christmas, Valentines and other holidays. They lived in ancient times and in today. Let your imagine take flight with angels. They are on display everywhere.

Children love them and seem to instinctively know how to draw them. They were present at the resurrection and resurrection. We are constantly entertaining Angels.

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