Real Interview with Jesus Christ (Through world renowned Medium).

Real Interview with Jesus Christ (Through world renowned Medium). | I Love Being Christian Videos

Wow… did Jesus Christ really just speak through this world renowned medium (Jamie Butler)!!!???

(a medium by the way is a person who can hear non-physical beings like spirits, angels, & demons)


This is either fake or you’re about to witness Jesus use a medium to reveal untold secrets… you decide.

Here are 25 very shocking and interesting things Jesus speaks about in the video below:

  1. His spiritual mission was to simply show the people on earth the importants of the after life.
  2. At age 3 Jesus says he realized he was different from others. He knew we were all connected and not alone and he didn’t understand why people would cry, or have grief, or feel separated.
  3. Jesus says when he was alive as a young boy he couldn’t understand why people wouldn’t take care of themselves. That they would choose to become week or a victim and doing that pulled on the fabric of the energy all around us and weighted people down.
  4. Jesus said he had access to all the voices that came before him (spirits, angles, God, etc).
  5. As a young boy he understood he was a healer and that he could create cure by using God.
  6. Jesus was asked if he was alive today would he feel comfortable using the term “God”. Jesus answers “yes”, but what he’s uncomfortable with is the definition that’s attached to the word. Which He says has been fragmented, that God has been deemed by man to be a separate entity from each of us when really God is within everyone.
  7. Jesus was then asked “Reflecting on your life do you think you accomplished your mission”. Jesus answers “yes” while another spirit in the room starts laughing saying that “I believe he did a pretty good job because people are still talking about him thousands of years later”.
  8. Jesus says a lot of His children have gotten lost and have taken His word too literally and too directly and have decided to create a cause (or a war) in defense of his Words.
  9. Jesus says if He were able to walk the earth today (as his higher-self like He did being Jesus) He would tell his children that to argue or defend or to force others to believe in the words that you believe or cherish do deeply for yourselves is the wrong way to encourage life.
  10. They asked Jesus what was he here to learn? Jesus replied with “he was here to learn how to freely give up himself 100% but still maintain his individuality and purpose”.
  11. Jesus says that he was also here to teach that there is many pathways to God and that he repeated to others that he was not the only way but it has been rewoven by other people to say that He is the only way. Jesus says “he would not take the time to feed His ego that way because that’s worthless effort especially when He is one of many ways to reach God”.
  12. Jesus says he was also here to teach that — the many ways that you find God always start with self. To go “in” and find God and then “outward”. It was not to place the responsibility of belief and spiritual security with another person. It was only to be done within the “temple”. And the body is the temple, the church is not the temple.
  13. Jesus says he regrets that he did not have the opportunity or means to speak out past his “death”. That he did not really die on the cross or was kept in a stone tomb and really he had lived a life beyond that. Though he knew as the story stood it would be more powerful to give people a hope of what God and the afterlife would provide.
  14. Then he said he had traveled to several different countries and studied many different cultures and believes before he was announced as the son of God. He said he did this because he knew there were many different ways to achieve the “one path”.  It would of been wise of him to know intimately what they were. Saying that he had all the power but lacked the knowledge as a human but then he gathered the knowledge and was able to learn.
  15. Jesus says he had practiced many techniques (example: like the monks can meditate and go days and weeks without food and slow down their heart beat so that it’s almost dormant to control the temple) and his followers, even the Roman guards were able to come to his rescue and move him away so he could come out of “this state of being” so that he could live his life.
  16. Jesus says he lived in 3 different countries after his death and one of them was France.
  17. He also said after his crucifixion he lived under another name and kept a very secret way of teaching how to be connected with God and working miracles.
  18. Jesus says he got married to Mary Magdalen and understood how important it was for women to be equal to men and that though you may have learned in the Bible that all of his disciples were men they were actually not (more were women that said).
  19. Jesus says he had 5 children with Mary Magdalen and that two died young.
  20. Jesus then begins to speak about his past and future life’s and says that not all of them were as clear as the life he was able to have as “Jesus” but all of them he had experienced he was this spiritual person or encouraged healing and the understanding of the afterlife.
  21. Jesus spoke about one of his life’s in 1962 when he was born in America as a white boy who lived in the hospital until the age of 4 years old (with a disorder of his muscles not being able to grow). However, he was very happy and impacted the doctors, family and people he came in contact with. Said he decided to live this life because “he finds that the of child who struggles the most impacts the community to make a change”.
  22. Says He takes time to reincarnate as some of these beings to impact and give peace to the people about what death is and what life is meant to do.
  23. Then they asked the amazing question “Is he on earth now” and Jesus answers “Yes”. They asked “where are you” and he said he’s “in India and is a women” whose name is Mona (which was a short name for something more intricate).
  24. Then they asked “what is His purpose of the after life” and Jesus says “giving peace to those who arrive”. Also talks about in the afterlife everyone can see the possibilities and that the possibilities that we see are not yet exposed to the masses on Earth. That there is opportunity for great growth. Saying that people on earth will learn about the possibilities when science and spirituality come together as one and that will start to leak out in about 4 years. From there it will take about 10 more years for it to be explained to everyone and then this information is going will determine who you are, how you learn, what the school systems do, how businesses are based on, what belief is based on and this will effect everything!
  25. Lastly they asked “what do you think about the sate of humanity now” and Jesus replies with “it is what it’s supposed to be”.

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