Real-Life “Spiderman” Scales Building to Save a Child

Real-Life “Spiderman” Scales Building to Save a Child | I Love Being Christian Videos

Super heroes. Are they for real? Well, yes and no. The super heroes who star on the big screen are a work of fiction. However, there are real people all around us who play the role of super heroes everyday in real life. One such instance is Gassama, a Malian immigrant, who put on his super hero cape so to speak to save a child in real danger.

What Happened?

This video below features Mamaudou Gassama showing no regard for his own safety as he selflessly pulls himself up four floors of balconies. His goal was a small helpless child who was dangling precariously over the edge of a balcony, seconds from injury or death. Many looked on, unable to reach the four-year-old child until Gassama, playing the part of a real life Spider-Man scaled the side of the building in 30 seconds, pulling the child to safety.


Why Gassama Was Willing to Help

Gassama could have easily been injured or killed himself while trying to reach the small child. When asked what motivated him to put himself in danger to help a stranger he said, “I didn’t think about it, I climbed up and God helped me.”

What The Bible Says About God Helping Us

Thankfully, we serve the same God as Gassama, a God who is willing to help His children, no matter what they may be facing. This is most certainly true when the help God gives you will in turn allow you to help another, especially a child. In Psalm 46:1, the Bible says,“God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble.” Maybe this strength and help sometimes makes believers seem similar to a super hero. Who’s to say this isn’t the kind of strength and help God can give us at least on occasion? This real-life Spider-Man’s heroics sure seems to prove this theory.

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