Reba McEntire Brings Us To Church In Heavenly Song ‘Oh, How I Love Jesus’

Reba McEntire Brings Us To Church In Heavenly Song ‘Oh, How I Love Jesus’ | I Love Being Christian Videos


Country firecracker Reba McEntire is like none other in the industry. Her unique voice is simply angelic and as such it is only fitting that she excels when it comes to singing gospel songs.

More About Reba and Her Heart For Gospel

Reba’s 2017 gospel album “Sing it Now: Songs of Faith & Hope” features a goldmine of beloved gospel tracks, but that’s not all. Included in this album are 10 beloved hymns in addition to 10 original works that are nothing short of inspirational. The video below features the Sunday morning favorite “Oh, How I Love Jesus” and is just a small sampling of the many songs fans will enjoy when listening to Reba’s gospel album.


More About Reba Many Accomplishments

To say Reba is accomplished in the country music industry would be a severe understatement. She is currently in second for the number of times she has won the Academy of Country Music Top Female Vocalist Award, which sits at seven times. She also holds the record for winning the American Music Awards Favorite Country Female Artist, bringing it home 12 times.

Why Reba Excels at Singing Gospel

Though Reba could likely try her hand at any genre and excel, she is especially good at singing beloved hymns and songs of faith, this in addition to her accomplishments in country. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the honesty you can hear within her voice. She seems to genuinely believe the lyrics she is singing, no matter what they are about and this is especially important when you are talking about songs of faith. This plus her wide range of vocal skill and her ease of moving through pitches and complex note placement make her an ideal artist to tackle the world of hymns. We can’t wait to see what Reba has for the music industry with her future offerings, because you just never know what this feisty red head will try next. Suffice it to say, whatever it is, she is knock it out of the park.

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