Have We Found Solid Evidence God Parted The Red Sea? YES! See For Yourself!

Have We Found Solid Evidence God Parted The Red Sea? YES! See For Yourself! | I Love Being Christian Videos

This video discusses the Red Sea Crossing of the Exodus. It explains how Egypt has so much history and beautiful structures. It questions whether or not there is proof that the children of Israel actually lived there.

Much proof has been discovered such as Pharaoh’s, and the name of Joseph being inscribed on a stone. The Pharaoh discovered was mentioned as man not as a God. He was first after the king.


The main hall building was of great importance to those taking this video. It was here and in other Egyptian locations that Joseph saved his country from famine.

There were many inscriptions found from visitors from many countries. There was even an underground silo created by Joseph to store the grain inside of it.

A courtyard was also discovered where there was a well. This would have been where the Israelite’s could get fresh water from. Outside of this courtyard it could be shown how tall it was back in those days. Three stories in height.

On the beach where the Israelite’s were stuck on before crossing the Red Sea, an opening of the higher raft in the distance. When headed south, an amazing marker was located at the beach. A large pillow was discovered near the road. It had fallen down. It was lying on the edge of the water. Today, it is about five hundred feet away from the sea. It is now set in concrete.

There have been investigations on these sites. They have proved the findings to be correct. A chariot wheel was also found underneath the sea. Remains from horses were also found. These days there are no horses in the Sinai Peninsula. Human remains were also discovered. It has been confirmed they are indeed bones.

If you are ever doubting whether or not the crossing of the Red Sea really happened, then watch this video. You might just change your mind.

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