North Korean Risking Death For A Bible (VIDEO)

North Korean Risking Death For A Bible (VIDEO) | I Love Being Christian Videos

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“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” (Matthew 16:25 KJV)

You’ve probably read that Bible verse many times and even heard it preached about in church. But are you really prepared to lose your life for God’s sake? Are you willing to risk everything for your faith? One man was.


According to this touching video, in Northern Laos, back in 1999 Khmu Christian Bounchan Kanthavong was put into prison for his faith – for telling others about Jesus. While he was in prison, he was put in solitary for some time except for when he had to endure interrogations, which happened often. He began to feel like he was forgotten, and while he’d receive Bible verses, as time went by, it was hard to remember God’s word. According to Bounchan and this Voice of the Martyrs video, he could endure the torture, but he just couldn’t endure the time without his Bible.

Over time, they claim that he was finally trusted by guards to head into the jungle to gather firewood. While it was risky, he spent some of this time trying to find a Bible. It meant risking everything, but he was able to sneak away and leave his wife to keep her protected from danger and he got his hands on a Bible. After he finally got a Bible, the video notes that that Bible was found, but even after being tortured for having that Bible, he wouldn’t give up. He worked hard to keep finding ways to get a Bible or even pieces of the Bible so he could have God’s word to encourage him.

As people began to learn about his imprisonment and persecution, they say that letters began streaming in from across the world. Christians from all over the world were writing to him, sending him letters of encouragement and even quoting Bible verses. While they say he was in prison for 10 more years, Christians around the world prayed for him, and he knew that he had not been forgotten. He says that he was grateful that God gave him what he needed most – some encouragement, the prayers of the saints, and the world of God.

Don’t forget to pray for the persecuted. The Bible tells Christians to pray for their persecuted brothers. And ask yourself this question: What would you give up for your Bible?

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