Atheist Converts Into Christianity

Atheist Converts Into Christianity | I Love Being Christian Videos

Evan Alexander never thought he would be one of the eight million Americans who claim they’ve had a near-death experience. He’s a neurosurgeon who was an atheist that come close to death and experiences being guided into heaven by an angel. Afterwards he begins following our savior Jesus!

Here’s some quick things he says in the video below:

  1. His last words were “don’t call 911 trust me I’m a doctor It’s just a muscle spasm”.
  2. By the time he get’s to the hospital he was already in a coma that kept him there 7 days.
  3. He said “the experience changed his life in every way by realizing our souls are eternal”.
  4. Before in his academic and current years he didn’t believe that a God ever existed.
  5. When he dies ends up in a dark formless place with no memory, language, or time.
  6. Then he becomes rescued from that by this bright spinning melody of light.
  7. An unknown presents guides him to Heaven who looks like a beautiful Angel girl.
  8. Evan soon learns in a photo he receives the Angel was his sister he never knew.

WATCH the video below and enjoy the interview for yourself!

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