Scientist Found The Proof Jesus Rose From The Dead

Scientist Found The Proof Jesus Rose From The Dead | I Love Being Christian Videos

Evidence has been found proving that Jesus Christ was crucified, died and buried in a tomb then rose from the dead. However, until now this has not been fully accepted by scientists who have been working day and night to either affirm or refute it.

Now to support it a number of the scientists have discovered some findings providing solid evidence. Starting with the tomb belonging to Joseph of Arimathea in which Jesus was buried in has now been confirmed in the scientist community to exist at the same location where the Bible and historical books have described.


The cloth in which Jesus was buried in was also found. Which is also referred to as the Shroud of Turin and scientific testing initiated and confirmed that it truly belonged to Jesus.

This study was done through examining the writings on the burial cloth. Which was carried out by different scientists who all gave a clear indication that they were written in- the exact time of Jesus’s death as stated in the Bible. Watch this INCREDIBLE video below and see all the evidence in detail for yourself.

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