Sing With Us As Chris Tomlin Praises Our “Good Good Father”

Sing With Us As Chris Tomlin Praises Our “Good Good Father” | I Love Being Christian Videos

If you’re needing just a glimpse of The Father’s Love today, I urge you to watch this video and listen to the words. There is nothing more important or special than The Father’s love.

I know the way the world is today, many people don’t know even know their father, and if they do- some never experienced His love. I invite you to ask The True Father to heal those deep, deep places in your soul and heart. If it’s one thing we need in this life, it’s The Father and His love.


Just to know that someone loves you and accepts you exactly where you are right now. He made you exactly how He wanted you and loves you for it! The beauty of having a Father/son, Father/daughter is this quote He revealed to me- You never stop being a child”. How beautiful is that? A friend can leave you, a husband/wife can change their mind- but you never stop being a child.

I encourage you to really search this out. God is a good, good Father.

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