Something Biblical Is Happening in 2019

Something Biblical Is Happening in 2019 | I Love Being Christian Videos

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This video published by the Lion of Judah explains that something Biblical is happening. Although the video states, that no one knows the time or the hour of Christ’s return, as it stated in Matthew 24:36, “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only,” this video reminds believers that He is coming again and that we all should be looking forward to this event.


Even Though When Don’t Know When it Will Happen, We Should Prepare

The video explains that even though we as believers don’t know when Christ will return, we should be looking for that event, and preparing. The Greek word describes this looking or waiting as entertaining, meaning that we as believers should look forward to this event just as we would entertaining guests.

The Video Goes on to Speak on Finality

The video also expresses the finality of the end times. In one moment of time, your entire destiny is fixed. In an instant! In one singular moment. In other words, this event is the embodiment of finality. After this moment, when Christ returns, there is a finality that occurs that cannot be undone. That is why it’s so important for everyone to choose to follow Christ now, because Christ’s return could come as a twinkling of the eye. Any moment.

A Message of Action

The overall message of the video is one of action. It is aimed towards those who don’t believe to encourage them to act now before it’s eternally too late. Ask yourself where will you be when He returns. Will you be with Him, or you will be left behind? What will happen when you stand before Him? Are you truly saved? Do you know Him? Remember, this is the only life you have, you just have one chance to choose between Christ and the world.

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