Testimony: How One Woman Found Fulfillment In Jesus After A Lifestyle Of Partying With Celebrities

Testimony: How One Woman Found Fulfillment In Jesus After A Lifestyle Of Partying With Celebrities | I Love Being Christian Videos

This video is about a woman who had a lifestyle full of parties, drugs and alcohol. Her name is Angie. Angie lived in Las Vegas. Sadly this way of living left her full of guilt. She also felt empty. The good news is, Angie soon decided it was time to stop this way of life. Before she knew it, she was a completely changed individual.

Angie describes this lifestyle as a ‘living hell’. She explains that drugs, parties and alcohol and mixing with celebrities becomes an addiction. You crave for the attention, you crave for the drugs and alcohol. This way of life takes over you.


It was not just alcohol for Angie. It was cocaine and other drugs too. At first, for Angie, this way of life was exciting. It appeared to be fulfilling. Though the emptiness inside of Angie continued to grow.

Suddenly, Angie began to feel very lonely. There was a longing feeling there. Angie knew this was all wrong but she didn’t know how to get out of it. Her soul wanted more.

Angie began to give away the money to charity her husband gave her. To try to make up for the bad behaviour she was doing. She finally left Las Vegas and knew she had to change her way of living.

After some time, she met a pastor at a charity function. He saw in her that she needed something more. She needed strength, comfort and God. The pastor encouraged her to go to church. She began to go even when she didn’t want to go. One day it gave her the courage to let go of the past. She felt free. This was when Angie started to become a new person. She received Jesus and God and knew they were real. She felt alive.

Angie managed to move on from this way of life because she let God and Jesus in. The pastor saw that she had become a new person. She had an overflow of love that she could use to touch other people with.

All the material things are never fulfilling. The only thing that fulfilled Angie was her experience with Jesus. She felt whole again. She did not have anything missing within her anymore. Take a look below!!

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