Texas Teenager Meets Jesus After Passing And Tells The Story To The Internet

Texas Teenager Meets Jesus After Passing And Tells The Story To The Internet | I Love Being Christian Videos


Stories of people briefly passing on and basking in the Glow of God’s Glory have been happening for centuries. Some of the most inspiring stories have been those told by children who have seen Jesus and felt His love help them through the difficulties of recovering from serious accidents and other life changing situations.

A miracle like this occurred recently in Texas when teenager Zack Clements briefly left the mortal coil and found himself surrounded by beautiful and incandescent angels. In a touching video posted online which has gone nearly viral, Zack describes these angels and finding himself standing with the most beautiful angel of them all: Jesus.


Our Lord stood in the center of the angels, filled with the Light of His Infinite Love, and comforted Zack. Putting his hand on his shoulder, he said “you are going to be okay,” letting the young man know that he was going to pull through this difficult time and walk once more among his friends and family.

Stories like this can put a smile on the face of even the truest cynic and often make believers out of the stoutest resisters of His love. Zack’s story serves as a reminder that Christ is among us at all times, that He has our best intentions in mind, and that He has an important plan for each of us.

Zack, like others who have experienced similar situations, may be changed for life in a positive way. Let his story inspire your faith and serve as a lesson that, no matter how hard things may get in life, He is there waiting to take you home.

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